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Jillian Siverly


During my late middle school years, I was struggling with my mental health. After seeking help with a psychologist and trying to treat my depression and anxiety with medication, the treatments turned up fruitless. The medication’s side effects outweighed any emotional relief and talk therapy wasn’t sufficient in giving me the motivation to feel better. The summer after eighth grade, a family friend referred me to Dr. Schindeler who she had seen after sustaining a traumatic brain injury during a severe car accident. Once I started the neurofeedback sessions, it was like the real me emerged from within the shell of the person I had become. Not only was I able to resume the hobbies that had once brought me so much joy, but I no longer had a default setting of sad or anxious.

Now, as I enter my junior year at the Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University, I am pursuing a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience because of this life-changing treatment. I plan to obtain a PhD in Neuropsychology so that I may use neurofeedback in my own practice to assist treatment-resistant cases. Neurofeedback gave me my life back and I plan to spend my life returning the favor to those in need.